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La protection ultime ? Pour nous c’est celle qui protège nos utilisateurs mais aussi l'environnement c’est pourquoi nous adorons l’ Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+,  c’est la très haute protection solaire du corps de toute la famille comme en solo de SeventyOne. Appliquez Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+ sur le corps pour une protection maximum sur peau sèche comme humide. Crème préférée de Marie car elle sent bon, s’étale facilement sans faire de traces blanches, protège du soleil et favorise un joli bronzage uniforme.

Its mineral filters, which respect the skin and the environment, make it an excellent shield against UVA and UVB rays. Young and old surfers alike will be seduced by all its qualities: it does not run, does not sting the eyes and can be applied to wet skin while maintaining its excellent resistance to swimming. Its milk texture in a super convenient spray is easy to apply without leaving greasy hands. Super handy. With its vanilla flower fragrance, it is guaranteed to be addictive. Made in France and dermatologically tested. Need a dose of holiday fragrance all year round? To prolong the pleasure after the shower in winter and summer, apply the moisturizing face and body care with Aloe Vera, the coolest of soothing active ingredients.

100 ml.

SPF 50+

99% naturel. Vegan. Très résistant à l'eau. Ne pique pas les yeux. Pas de traces blanches. 

Made in France.


Apply Eco Sun Spray SPF 50+ to the body for maximum protection on both dry and wet skin.

Key assets :

Organic buriti vegetable oil - Organic sunflower vegetable oil - Organic jojoba vegetable oil - Mineral filters.

Does not contain :

0% parabens, sulfates, silicones, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol, alcohol or petrochemical derivatives, alcohol.


In 2009, two friends united by their passion for surfing decided to found SeventyOne Percent.

A brand of cosmetics that resembles them: products made in France that perfectly meet their specific needs as surfers and that respect the environment.

With protection as their leitmotif, Marc Levy & Raphaël Vannier have created a new approach to skin protection cosmetics.

They focus above all on the effectiveness and eco-responsibility of products that run counter to the superfluous marketing promises.

Faced with the power of the natural elements, they believe deeply in the importance of protection: protecting ourselves on a daily basis but also protecting the planet that is our playground.

And as we are composed of 70% water, the planet is also composed of 70% water and we give 1% to an association for the protection of children, the future ... we are all 71%.

Driven by positive energy, the desire to act, the desire to do the right thing and honesty, SeventyOne Percent has created a brand of natural protective cosmetics that responds to the values of respect for the environment and respect for the skin of all.