Zak Noyle Kahauli Ocean blue fins - DAFIN

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Natural rubber palms.

Dafin is the world's leading fin. It is the most powerful and comfortable fin in the water today. 


Weight: 550 gr (XXS - 35/36)
Weight: 650 gr (XS - 37/38)
Weight: 870 gr (SM - 39/41)
Weight: 970 gr (MD - 42/43)
Weight: 1,240 kg (ML - 44/45)

The factory uses a special silicone solution to clean the fins before packing.

If the fins feel too slippery out of the box, before using them, rinse them under cold water while wiping off excess silicone solution with your hands. Leave the fins to air dry, this will reduce the amount of silicone solution on the fins.

Do not use a towel or sponge to wipe or dry the fins.

Always rinse your fins with fresh water after each use and leave to dry in the open air and shade. 

Store your fins in a cool, dry place. 

Do not leave fins exposed to the sun for long hours. 

Do not use chemical cleaners on your fins, especially petroleum-based ones.


Dafin was developed by Andy Cochran, an Australian who has lived in Hawaii for 28 years. Cochran was a lifeguard in Australia on the famous Bondi beach and was one of the pioneers of surf life saving in Australia.

With the help of world-renowned Hawaii life-guards Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana, Cochran has developed a high performance fin. Dafin combines the comfort of a bootie with an innovative shape to create a unique fin that is extremely effective in the most extreme conditions.

The Hawaiian Lifeguard Association has endorsed Dafin as the standard for lifeguard equipment for the past eight years.

Dafin is the number one choice of lifeguards, bodysurfers, and top watermen worldwide. The Dafin is a benchmark for over 40 municipalities and rescue organizations in the United States.