Luxury wooden beach snowshoes - AVORA

Luxury wooden beach snowshoes - AVORA

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Much more beautiful than ordinary beach ball rackets: these "palas" - thatʼs the name people give to beach ball rackets in Spain - are carefully handcrafted in a small factory in Valencia.

With its ideal shape and wooden handle, the racket and the handle form a perfect unit.

Lʼatout design: the included neoprene cover with cut-out for the handle.
You can easily transport the rackets in this water-repellent cover and the rackets are well stored and protected throughout the year. Even the 2 balls included in the set fit in the bag: a harder ball for fast play and a softer ball for slow play.

AVORA takes into takes into account the fact that wood is imperfect. Its homogeneity cannot be guaranteed because every wood is different.
That's why every racket is unique.


This set includes 2 rackets, 2 balls and a neoprene cover.

Materials: Wood, coated with High Pressure Laminate

Racket size: 41 x 25 cm

Weight of a racket: 350 g

The complete set of 5 pieces weighs 900 g

Dry the edge of the racket if it is wet.

Avoid direct sunlight when not in use so that it does not discolour. discolouration.