Mini folding bucket + mint shovel - SCRUNCH

Prix $18.00

This mini set contains a tiny bucket and shovel perfect for baby's little hands or for planting in the garden.

This flexible, recyclable, soft-touch silicone set can be taken anywhere!
You can "fold" them to fit in your (beach) bag or luggage.
Flatten them, bend them, twist them, roll them: they will never get out of shape. I
he possibilities are endless: carrying water, building sandcastles, picking fruit and vegetables, cleaning the car or the bike... You can even use the buckets at home as pots to grow your plants or herbs or to store your pencils.

This set is soft, strong and durable at the same time.



Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 8.5 cm

Composition: 100% recyclable food grade silicone.

Care : Wash with clean water and store in a dry place.