Archibook Cabin - FIVE POINTS

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Activity book for children made up of 14 small paper models to be assembled, 2 of which can be personalised.

This educational activity is an invitation to discover architecture and volumetry. At home, on a trip or on holiday, on a table, in the plane or on the train, this manual activity is guaranteed 100% creativity, 100% paper and 0% screen!

Your child can develop his or her creativity while having fun! Building and composing a small 3D village without help, without glue or scissors, is a perfect and safe activity. They can then keep their models as decorations for their room, or play with them by adding small characters (Playmobil type).


At Cinqpoints, we help children use their creativity, their sense of observation and colours! Humour and play are the best vehicles for psychomotor development, learning and concentration.


booklet of 14 models to build, printed on certified paper, made in Europe.

From 6 years old.

Dimensions: 21 x 28 x 0.5 cm.