Nangu Wilderness Hotel

In the far north of Finland, in the Lapland region, Inari borders two countries: Russia and Norway. It's a 4 hour drive north of the polar circle, where you will find our inspiration for the SNOW TUBE one of the same name.

Surrounded by the white and icy plenitude, the Nangu Wilderness Hotel offers the possibility to sleep close to the stars, in small ecological huts located a few hundred meters from the hotel's main building on Lake Inari.

Soberly furnished with a double bed with a glass roof, these huts allow you to feel alone for a few nights in front of the immensity of the Northern Lights thanks to a panoramic view of the sky from your bed.  

If the huts don't tempt you, the hotel also offers cabins, chalets and rooms.

But while you wait for the northern lights to start, you can take a trip to the sauna or the hotel's restaurant, which serves cuisine inspired by the Sami culture. For the more adventurous, the hotel offers a range of activities. If you would like to know more, please click here.