Feel Good, after sun moisturizer - SEVENTY ONE PERCENT

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Feel Good, 99% natural origin, is the face care with immediate freshness for dehydrated skin. 

The face gel-cream is a long-lasting hydration shot that acts in depth. It provides an immediate sensation of freshness thanks to its flagship ingredient, Aloe Vera, the coolest of soothing ingredients: its unique, naturally jelly-like consistency allows the texture to envelop the skin, relieve tightness and smooth tired features, without leaving a greasy or thick film. Day after day, the skin is more beautiful. So fresh. Made in France and dermatologically tested. Use Second Skin, SeventyOne's all-purpose balm, all year round, to relieve minor injuries and protect the skin on a daily basis.

75 ml.

99% natural. Vegan. Very water resistant. Does not sting the eyes. 

Made in France.


On clean, dry skin, apply Feel Good Gel-Cream all over the face and even around the eyes. Massage lightly. Your complexion is fresh and radiant.

Key assets :

Organic vegetable glycerin - Aloe vera gel - Organic buriti vegetable oil - Apricot kernel vegetable oil - Red algae extract - Hydranov complex (micro-algae extract + marine sugars + sea water).

Does not contain :

0% parabens, sulfates, silicones, nanoparticles, phenoxyethanol or petrochemical derivatives, alcohol.


In 2009, two friends united by their passion for surfing decided to found SeventyOne Percent.

A brand of cosmetics that resembles them: products made in France that perfectly meet their specific needs as surfers and that respect the environment.

With protection as their leitmotif, Marc Levy & Raphaël Vannier have created a new approach to skin protection cosmetics.

They focus above all on the effectiveness and eco-responsibility of products that run counter to the superfluous marketing promises.

Faced with the power of the natural elements, they believe deeply in the importance of protection: protecting ourselves on a daily basis but also protecting the planet that is our playground.

And as we are composed of 70% water, the planet is also composed of 70% water and we give 1% to an association for the protection of children, the future ... we are all 71%.

Driven by positive energy, the desire to act, the desire to do the right thing and honesty, SeventyOne Percent has created a brand of natural protective cosmetics that responds to the values of respect for the environment and respect for the skin of all.