La Wax perfumed mist - KERZON

Prix $48.00

Wrap yourself in a fragrance mist. Colorful, La Wax captures summer euphoria with a flamboyant accord of Marigold and Elemi. Its spicy trail exalts the skin with a mentholated wave of fresh, peppery Elemi and Bucchu top notes, a heart of incense-tinged Blackcurrant and a base of earthy, woody cedar.

Capacity : 100 ml

Spray a few touches of scented mist around you, on your clothes or on your skin, to delicately perfume your daily life.

For the house, the linen and the body.
Printing with the Imprim'vert label for low environmental impact.
Cases made of recyclable paper, 100% from sustainably managed forests.

Ingredients: Alcohol denat, aqua (water), parfum (fragrance), benzyl benzoate, d-limonene.


Spray. Avoid spraying into eyes or onto irritated skin. Flammable. Do not spray on flames or glowing objects. Use away from all flames, sources of sparks.